Condenser Coil Cleaning

condenser coilCleaning your condenser coil.

Description: This is the procedure and information for cleaning a condenser coil. The process shown here works best on exposed coil systems bit will also work on covered coil systems. The specific unit in this example is a carrier brand ground level, split straight cool system. This procedure applies to almost every air conditioning and heat pump system on the market. This maintenance procedure is one of the simplest you can do and extends the life of you air conditioning system.

What does a repair like this cost: Prices vary from area to area and company to company. A lot depends on the area you live in, the company, flat rate vs. time and material and many other factors. I have rarely seen prices under $60 and as high as $250. Water is freely available and most often all your need.

Why do I need this repair/upgrade? A condenser coil needs unimpeded air flow and clean fins for optimum heat transfer. A really dirty coil, one clogged with fluffy white cottonwood tree seed or some other obstruction hinders air flow across the coil. Restricted air flow on the condenser coil increases head pressure, compressor electrical usage, fan motor electrical usage and shortens the life the air conditioning system. A thin of film of dirt on the the condenser coil fins reduces heat transfer. This lack of heat transfer increases head pressure, compressor electrical usage and shortens the life of the air conditioning system. A clean condenser coil adds life expectancy. Remember compressors rarely die they are kill!

Estimated Repair Time: 15 minutes


  • Water Hose
    Water Hose


  • Water

Repair Process:

  • condenser at side of house Locate your condenser aka the out door unit. Here is the one we are working on today. It about 10 years old. It is the one the builder put in so we can be sure it is not top of the line.
  • disconnect location Turn off off the disconnect. It is a good idea to check and make sure their is no power to the condenser with a voltage tester or meter. Here is our disconnect. It is a breaker type you man have the pull out type.
  • cleaning the condenser coil Start spraying the condenser coil off. I am bit systematic. Top to bottom moving left to right. I do each of the sides with the exposed coil.
With the thermostat calling, turn the disconnect back on. The air conditioner will come on and run. disconnect location

You just saved big bucks on a condenser coil cleaning, extended the life of you air conditioning system and lowered your electrical bill!