About Us

About DIYHVACRepair.com

First off....

  • We are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer.
  • We are not affilated with any service provider.
  • We are not affliated with any contractor.


This site was born out of the frustation. It is the frustations experienced as a customer after calling an air conditioning service technician out to their house for an air conditioning check up only to be told they need hundreds of dollars in repairs. But it is working!

  • Why isn't an air condintioner or heat pump similar to a car?
  • Why can't you change the motors?
  • Why can't you change the capacitors?
  • Why can't you change that contactor?

You can with the right information. Let us show you how and save some money at the same time.


Our Mission

Our goal is to educate customers. The education will guarantee better jobs when hiring air conditioning contractors. For those that are handy it will allow you to do many maintenance tasks yourself and save some your self some money. Our hope is in time we will help bring the quality of service provided by air conditioning service providers to a higher level than is the norm today.